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I am a bit tired as I didn’t sleep to much (who would have thought that might be the reason) and therefore I am not sure how to put the last days in order. The following is an attempt to bring a little order into what has happened.

I have settled into my workplace and I moved from the Office of Albert Mutesa, who wasn’t that talkative and who seems quite busy doing UNESCO stuff on his computer, to the department of culture which is personified by the wonderful, kindhearted and friendly Jerome Kajuga.


Having been in the UNESCO for a week I discovered some (UN)1written rules that will accompany me during my year.

  1. My work starts at 7. Because few human beings enjoy working at such a time the first two hours in the office are usually used to have a nice chat with everybody.
  2. Whatever you do, don’t forget to drink milk. There is half a liter a day for every employee which I find quite nice as I don’t have time for breakfast. —> Rule 1
  3. UNESCO volunteers are not actually here to work but it is rather the mere existence that pleases everybody around the office. Leading to…
  4. I do not have any mandatory work besides updating the twitter side, which is rather boring and since it only has around 75 followers also seems quite senseless. (If you fellow readers want to do me a favor than create a twitter account and follow @cnru)
  5. I will have to find ways to develop and manage own projects as doing nothing is a thing I could have done anywhere
    at anytime and doing nothing while having to sit in an office is not as fulfilling as it might seem.

I already have a lot of ideas about mentioned projects. Examples are to create an internet forum for artists in Kigali as well as an adjacent soundcloud account, to give music lessons or rap workshops at some of he associated UNESCO schools and to help Jerome in creating a website for an NGO that he founded last year.
I will see in which way I will be able to actually put these vague ideas into something practical.

Last week while I was searching for an apartment (which has basically been everything I did after work last week) I met Livingstone. Livingstone is a quite funny and easygoing guy from Kampala, Uganda. It’s the word on the streets that Kampala is cool. I will see about that. I went to a club in town with him on Friday and we had a lot of fun, although I have to say that I did not really like the club. The DJ’s weren’t to good and they were so busy mashing up songs and making shitty transitions with Virtual DJ that they forgot to invest time in creating a good playlist. What I also didn’t like was the staff that kept cleaning the floor continously, which resulted in a smell of soap which did not improve the clubbing experience. Still there are two good things that can be said about Friday.
1. I didn’t have to pay the entrance few of 5.000 few (about 6€) because Livingstone is fairly interconnected with all kind of people in the Kigali Entertainment Industry
2. I met Jared

Below this sentence you will find an extract of the weekly edition of: “Leo, Jared and the search for an apartment”

Leo saw Jared. He liked him because he pulled of some funny dance moves and therefore he got his telephone number at the end of the evening. The next morning when the sun arose over the hills of Kigali and Leo was sitting in Livingstones Livingroom2  Leo decided to call Jared, but Jared did not pick up no matter how often Leo called. Therefore, Leo started his expedition to find shelter in the house of Simon who had nice natty rastas. Afterwards, he went to see his friendly Co-volunteer Alessa in her mansion in the outskirts of Kibagabaga where some of the rich and famous lived. This wonderful Alessa told Leo that a friend of her roommate was also looking for an appartment. When later Leo found out that that mentioned person was Jared he was quite amazed and he felt that this had to be a sign. And so the two continued looking for an apartment together.

On the streets of Nyamirambo Leo was approached by another nice guy. His name was Zachary, he came from Burundi and owned a nice cornerstore. On the first encounter they did not know what would come but at one of their meetings Zachary offered to help Leo and Jared to look for a place. You have to know that Leo and Jared came from exotic lands to find themselves in vibrant Kigali and therefore the local merchants wanted to have their money. With Zachary helping them, they knew they could get a place for less money and so they would have more money left to spend on delicious Sambusas and delightful mangos.

To be continued…

I moved in with my fellow volunteer Alessa who has been so kind to shelter me in her spacious mansion for a week until I will hopefully have my own place. Emannuel saluted me with a nice dinner and he helped me to move. First we were thinking about getting a Taxi but since that wouldn’t have been fun I just buckled up my Backpack and we had an exiting Moto trip.

Sunset Over Kigali

I would also like to show you some pictures and tell you about our new friend the Lizard that came into the Office today, but the evil Ministery of Education has for some unclear reasons shut down our WIFI connection and the USB Modems don’t have enough capacity.

This was the weekly edition of “Leo, Jared and the search for an appartment”, please subscribe by mail, or wordpress to hear more exciting stories. To do this look at the right column of this website.
1Wordplay, the : A form of lyrical delightment an which a word can be written in a different way to show a double sense. Sometimes the author thinks that he is extraordinarily creative and funny when using this element in one of his texts.


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