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Today, there are no pictures and also the main topics of this blog: Leo and Rwanda are only treated in a very small amount which is tremendously close to zero. I though, if I have a blog, I might as well use it.The links are not all very actual but they are definetely worth the read.

Dear World. I have tried to be profound writing this comment on the following video:
that was posted by a friend of mine in the current debate on terrorism.
The video is not actual, but it displays a general view on muslims and terrorism that should be questioned considering the current events in this world. The most striking part of the video were theese statements by Brigitte Gabriel

“The radicals are estimated to be between 15 to 25 percent, according to all intelligence services around the world”

“Muslims dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization”

Claiming that 15- 20% of all muslims are extremist wanting to destroy Western Civilization is absolutely inacurate. Everyone can come up with various statistics, as long as you do not provide actual research data or make a reference (instead of bluntly saying that all intelligence agencies agree) it is a fairly bad argument.

Take this article that talks about a completely different amount:
In Addition to that, consider the effect that media has on our perception on muslims. If a muslim sings “Allahu Akbar” we think of radical terrorism immediately. Now, what is the first thought that comes into your head when you walk through town around christmas and hear people chanting: “God is Great”, which has the same meaning. I think few people would consider that a threat, just because we are so deeply influenced by people who convey the picture of muslims as terrorists with beards.
Please read this article on terrorism statistics. If you are just basing the need to define a religious or ethnic group by their affiliation to terrorism, there are many others who you would have to consider first.
What strikes me most about this speech is the absolutely random comparison with muslims as a religious group which has a lot of different followers, who bear different views on the religion, like any other religion to nationalistic movements around the 1940’s. That is similar to claiming, that all radical muslims live in the same country and have the same ideals which is again a very simple and inadequate way of looking at it.
Now in general I strongly oppose terrorists killing innocent people, as well as the majority of the world, but this video only portrays the stupidity of people who are still thinking they will make the world a better place, by intervening in conflict regions. Also, ask yourself: Is it better having Assad in Syria killing people, then the IS ? Maybe less and in a less cruel way, still people are dying. Is it worse to bomb the World Trade Center, then to bomb a
Read this article on the hypocrisy of US and European governments claiming to be fighting terrorism:
They have in fact not stopped to support regimes, like Saudi Arabia.
Most western nations are always just fight against violation of human rights to an extend that is suitable to their own interest . No wonder people dislike western society if we have the UNESCO talking about peace, while Germany and the US are delivering weapons to Saudi-Arabia that kill people in Jemen. In general delivering weapons to anyone does not sound like the best idea when wanting peace. Moreover supporting the call for more liberty for companies like Nestle who are all into privatizing water and thereby leaving thousands without affordable drinking water.
No wonder people dislike Western Society, when it is still full of racists and nobody is willing to share their wealth. If we close borders it means we want to protect ourselves. The only reason for this feeling of necessity to protect our countries is that we do have more then others. If the world would be equal; if food, money, water, medicine would be equally distributed, there would not be that many refugees coming to Europe or elsewhere and there would not be that much terrorism.
I think if I grew up without hope and perspective in the midst of a civil war in Syria I might be considering killing myself in a suicide bombing as well. Luckily there is people that do not take this decision, that try to flee instead of committing terror.
We can’t fight the IS by “bombing (Syria) back to the stoneage” – US Republican politician
The only reasonable atcion is changing the way we live and admitting, that our “western society” is completely messed up.
If we fight terrorism to protect an inhuman capitalist system in which “94.5% of the world’s household wealth is held by 20% of the adult population, according to (…) data from Credit Suisse.”
than we are not fighting for anything good. If our answer to global problems will continue to be war, ignoring the deeper reasons for the conflicts, then we will get war, and there is one thing which I definitely learned about war which is very well depicted by the following line:
“The battle’s just begun, there’s many lost but tell me, who has won?”
By having agressive conversations and by making statements calling for a new war on terrorism we are only igniting the hatred in this world.

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