Theft and Burglars

Sadly, my camera has still not returned to me. If ever it decides to come back I will post some pictures again.


From the depths of his mind writes Leo the Lion,

who has been experiencing theft and crime

a story about two trustful minds,

Yes you’re right I am talking about Jared and I,

we we’re fine in our little appartment,

until now we don’t have a house with a garden

But there was this little friend of us who kept taking up time

his name was Patrick and at first we were fine.

Sharing our stories and offering a bed

so he could stay the night in Kigali and wouldn’t have to go back

to the village he lives in, a place near Muhanga,

where he supposedly fabricates handrafts

Jared bought a lot of those as a sign of support,

Patrick made me a suit and we helped him with problems of all sort

From Geography and Algebra to English Grammar,

in return he tought us a little Kinyarwanda

But one day my wonderful I-Pod was gone,

I wanted to take it for my evening run.

Also, Patrick had taken some of my money,

I pardoned him for everything, he said he was sorry.

Still there were some mysterious events,

day after day I was searching for things,

Some money missing, as well as German chocolates in the kitchen

I was thinking I had lost some, wasn’t paying much attention

Then my backpack was gone, Patrick had gone,

taken it with him with some other belongings,

he said he’d return them, I blindly believed but

blind belief turned into distrust and grieve

then at some point we knew there was a thief

Laptop and harddrive gone, serious misschief

Thats when we called up the little boy,

bold and slim only 15 years old

when we had to call the police I was scared

Rwanda’s government is definetely not the most trustful on earth

He admitted to stealing so we went on a journey

took a car to Muhanga, the situation was turning

Turned out he had tried to sell all my stuff,

Bought my dictionary and my speakers back of some smug

My Laptop was recaptured at some music store

in return I copied some of their collection, thats what music’s for

at that point it felt like a bad movie going on

Next stop the village, an old man in a store smoking a cigarette

His worn out face looked like too much alcohol, and distress

He went next door and returned with Jareds interface

I was somewhere in between devastated and amazed

what did he want to do with all that stuff,

was it to help his sister who got into a car crash ?

or is family who needed some support.

was it the sheer blindness of a young guy who hasn’t got much

to get as rich as the muzungus with their money in their huts

Was it planned on the long run or just a side effect

I’m not sure what drove him but just out of respect

He could’ve been a bit honest after accepting our friendship and shelter

I guess the Story “Patrick” is over, about the rest I’ll talk later




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