little New Year, little Christmas, mainly pictures

I am sitting on the porch of the home we finally moved into after 4 months of wandering around in different beds of guesthouses looking out into the garden. In front of me a hammok, down on the grass our little firned Cleopatra which now has a big nice enclosure, from which it will probably break out in the search of freedom. But thats alright.

Our newly acquired stereo system is playing Placebo and in the far I can see the cars coming down the hill from the city center. I feel like this will be a good start for the coming months.

We had a nice christmas celebration with Alessa and her family although I did not really feel any sense of christmas around. Nontheless it didn’t bother me much and after spending christmas partly in the Guesthouse and in Lalibella (not the city in Ethiopia but a very nice Ethiopian restaurant in Kigali) we now actually live in our own house which is pretty cool. For New Years i had a concert planned in Goma but having forgotten my vaccination card in Kigali which is mandatory in order to enter the depths (and even the closest parts) of the DRC (Congo) I got me and Jared into some trouble.

Als Reaktion auf mehrere Klageschriften, die wir nach dem US-amerikanischen Urheberrechtsgesetz (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) erhalten haben, haben wir 8 Ergebnisse von dieser Seite entfernt. Sie können die DMCA-Klageschriften, die diesen Entfernungen zugrunde liegen, unter lesen

After 4 hours of sitting and thinking about how stupid i was, checking out websites about laws and not talking much, we were very relieved as we left the Lion’s Den of executive law, continuing our little journey. We met some unexpectedly cool peacecorps volunteers from all parts of Rwanda and went on celebrating New Year in gisenyi accompanied my some fireworks and screeming people running along the shoreline of Lake Kivu in order to get a better view of those fireworks. Not able to contact our Couchsurfer Contact Jean, who later turned out to be one of the interesting persons I’ve met in Rwanda we stayed up till 4 and crashed on the couches of Discover Rwanda Guesthouse. In return for not paying them for our accomodation we got a free breakfast so you could say that the service was quite alright. What follows now is a selection of pictures of various occasions which I finally managed to copy to my laptop from Alessas Harddrive.

Leo and Simon
Chillin in Kampala
The biggest mosque in East-Africa named after and sponsered by the generous initiator of the Muhamar al-Gaddafi Price for Human Rights.
Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria
Seminar Back
Muzungus at Kivu
Seminar Front
Take 2
Lake Kivu
The ISO was only a bit high.

MarketLeo and Jared SunIMG_2043

bad ass sunglasses
Is it gamma ?

Leo Mango


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