Music Continues

Arnauld et LeoOn Tuesday the Congoleese guitar prodigy Kojack was supposed to play an open air concert in the city. Despite the several permissions the Institut Francais (French Cultural Institute) who were organizing the event had gained, the police shut the concert down before it even started. Accounts of this were of course not found in any newspaper but I guess Rwanda and France have a long history with lots of undiscussed and dark topics dating back to the Genocide. This can be used to understand partly why the government does not like what they do, but shutting down a free open-air concert is in any way pretty shitty and definetely a pretty uncool thing to do. Still, the concert was spontaneously rescheduled to a bar on Wednesday and it was incredible. A vibrant mix of traditional Congolese sounds, rock and jazz. Check him out if you ever have the time.


The video from my little concert with Arnauld @Kwetu is not yet finalised but the recordings are already out. I was pretty pleased to hear them and I just uploaded them to soundcloud to share them with everybody (including you fellow readers)

This weekend will already be one of last Kigali weekends as Alessa and I will be heading out for our July vacation next Friday. I need to visit some people, relax with Alessa and if everything works out I can do a little moto-tour with Emanuel on Sunday. I also have to plan my big birthday and leaving party which I want to organize at One Love in August. We will see how that goes.

Weekend Nziza !



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