Theft and Burglars

Sadly, my camera has still not returned to me. If ever it decides to come back I will post some pictures again.   From the depths of his mind writes Leo the Lion, who has been experiencing theft and crime a story about two trustful minds, Yes you’re right I am talking about Jared and … More Theft and Burglars

An Essay

Today, there are no pictures and also the main topics of this blog: Leo and Rwanda are only treated in a very small amount which is tremendously close to zero. I though, if I have a blog, I might as well use it.The links are not all very actual but they are definetely worth the … More An Essay


Dear visitor, if you’re not here to read a whole bunch of words (the things with all theese letters in them that you have to combine in order to understand the sense).  Just head over to the right side of your screen and look at some pictures.   Hey look it’s a subway station in … More Kamapapala

The Vicious Vandering of the Virunga Volcano (yes, that is how wandering is actually written)

Prologue We write the year 2015. It was in the fair month of October when three adventurous travelers decided to leave their vast residence in the grand metropolitan hub called Kigali to widen their vision and search for new lands. But quitting the district was not that easy. Spies and subordinates to the cruel Lord … More The Vicious Vandering of the Virunga Volcano (yes, that is how wandering is actually written)

new stuff

I am a bit tired as I didn’t sleep to much (who would have thought that might be the reason) and therefore I am not sure how to put the last days in order. The following is an attempt to bring a little order into what has happened. I have settled into my workplace and … More new stuff

Hello Again

Yesterday when I went to visit my new workplace at the UNESCO Commission in Remera, Kigali I was able to access the wonderful invention of the late 20th century which in a lot of tongues is called internet. When I did so I was flooded by tons of messages which I had to answer. This … More Hello Again

First Thoughts

I am sitting in front of the Gate E4 at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport waiting for my flight to Kigali to depart. The light is slowly breaking through the glass windows and I am slowly waking up. The last 2 weeks were packed with a wonderful preparation seminar where I met a lot of lovely people … More First Thoughts