Why you are here

Since you are reading this at the moment I naturally ask myself how you could have ended up here. The following 3 scenarios may (or may not) help me (or you) with that question. 1. You do not know me at all. You were just casually strolling through your favourite websites, checking out stuff on the internet and then all of a sudden you clicked on the wrong link and you ended up looking at this. Although this seems highly unprobable it is not impossible. If you have read until here, you might as well continue and stay a few minutes. You are obviously bored and you need to hear some exciting stories. 2. While you were actually still pretty busy figuring out if you ever really liked me and if you really want to know what I’m up to at the moment Facebook popped up showing you this website and you were curious enough to give it a look. Don’t hesitate, reading theese lines will be good for you mental health. 3. You were already waiting for me to send you a link to this blog. You wrote me about 5 messages telling me to finally tell you what I’m up to and how I am doing. Then you clicked on the link and all you see is some post that is ment to be welcoming. Since you know me pretty well, you will roll your eyes at all the nonsense I just wrote down, then you will smile and think about how you kind of always liked me for being strange and stupid and you will have a good feeling allthough I did not write anything important at all.